About BC Wars
About BC Wars
BC Wars is the web's first gaming experience in the prehistoric world. Start out as a regular caveman who minds his own business picking berries and hunting for food. Become a legend throughout time as you battle other neanderthals, wrangle dinosaurs, and build up your cave. BC Wars has been designed from the ground up to be simplistic, allowing you to rapidly grasp the game, while at the same time allowing vast options to go deeper into strategy to satisfy the casual and hardcore gamer.
  • Realistic virtual economy that allows for exciting and challenging gameplay.
  • Extensive community aspect built throughout game.
  • Real-time Player vs. Player and dinosaur battles.
  • No resets means you never lose your hard earned stats.
  • You can play as little or as much as you like, it won't hurt you either way.
  • Engaging artwork makes the browser game come to life.